This is a one of a kind (OOAK) textile collectible doll. Her name is Emily👧🏻.🔸️🔸️🔸️ Please note she is not a play doll and is not intended for kids🚫👶🏻.

⚘Emily is around 14″ tall and was created in a smoke-free pet-friendly home😸. As said above, she is made from cotton fabric and covered with cotton knit which makes her feel very pleasant to the touch🤗.

⚘Her head is sewn, needle sculpted, needle felted and then covered with knit fabric. It is posable and you can turn it left or right, up or down and even in slight angle for cute pictures🖼.

⚘She is stuffed firmly with fiber fill and cedar wood shaves. She also has some glass beads inside which gives her some weight and makes her feel more real in your arms.

⚘Her fingers have wire inside which shapes them nicely👐.

⚘Her elbows and knees have wood ball joints. I especially love knee ball joints as they let her sit on the table or shelf looking cute and lively!❗ Note ,Emily is meant to be seated and can’t stand on her own.

⚘Emily’s body and face are blushed with artist grade soft pastels and pencil pastels👩🏻‍🎨. They are then fixed with the same artist grade fixative and archival UV acrylic spray varnish.

⚘Her eyes are painted with quality acrylic paint and then covered with archival varnish.

⚘I prepared her hair myself from wonderful suri alpaca locks. I then glued them lock by lock to the handmade wig base. It can be gently restyled if you wish💆🏻‍♀️.

⚘The outfit is hand dyed👗. It looks neat not only on outside but the inside as well. The bloomers and dress are removable but the underwear is not meant to be removed🙅🏻‍♀️.

⚘Emily’s shoes👠👠 are also handmade from genuine leather. They are tiny and cute and are handsewn. The metal eyelets are only 1.5 mm.

⚘The beret👒 is crocheted and the beads embellishments are sewn on top of it.

🔸️🔸️🔸️Emily is an art doll and is not washable so please handle her gently❤

⚘The doll will come in a personalized box with certificate of authenticity and my signature✒


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