About me

Sima Valenzuela

Hello! My name is Sima Valenzuela. I am a member of Professional Doll Makers Art Guild(PDMAG) and the maker of textile collectible art dolls. Some of my dolls have been featured in International Doll Artists magazine( Vol.13 and Vol.15) and in the DOLLS magazine( issue August/September 2021 and October 2021). I also won 2021 DOLLS Award of Excellence/Industry choice and Gold Award by PDMAG, 1st place in Cloth Dolls category.

Taking pride in my work
  • Each of my cotton dolls is one-of-a-kind and entirely hand made using my own self drafted pattern.
  • I use only high quality materials and artist grade supplies.

  • The face is made by using mixed techniques: sewing, needle felting and needle sculpting. I do NOT use clay or any other premade face forms, premade wigs or eyes. Each part of my dolls is made by me only and entirely from scratch.
  • I mostly use sheep or alpaca locks for hair(it’s really soft and beautiful). There are no gaps or bold spaces on the head. Everything looks nice and neat. It takes 20+ hours to finish the hair.
  • I use wooden ball joints for knees and elbows which allow the dolls to sit very cutely(Note:my dolls do NOT hold the poses and don’t stand, they meant to be seated).
  • I use 4 types of fillers including cedar wood shavings(milled specifically for me) and glass beads. Each filler has it purpose for the final results.
  • I often hand dye the fabric for clothes and knit OOAK sweater.
  • For boots and shoes I mostly use genuine suede and leather.
  • My dolls are ART dolls and are geared towards adult collectors. It takes me several weeks to create 1 doll!