OOAK Art Dolls

Each of my art dolls are one-of-a-kind and entirely hand made  using my own self drafted pattern, using only highest quality materials and artist grade supplies.



On Sale Nov 25th through nov 29th

On sale now!


Hello! My name is Sima Valenzuela. I am a member of Professional Doll Makers Art Guild and the maker of handmade art dolls. Some of my dolls have been featured in International Doll Artists magazine ( Vol.13 and Vol.15) and in the DOLLS magazine( issue August/September 2021 and October issue 2021}. I also won 2021 DOLLS Award of Excellence/Industry choice and Gold Award by PDMAG, 1st place in Cloth Dolls category.


If your interested in my handmade art dolls and want to purchase and have any questions, please feel free to submit any questions and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Social Media

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Sneak peak videos

A sneak peak at my process on creating my one-of-a-kind dolls (OOAK). Full video tutorials coming soon for members!

Handmade art doll

Tiny little hands

Watch how I make little hands. I will teach you how to sew them, stuff, make wire frame and use wooden bead as an elbow!


See how I sew and sculpt the head for my art doll. You will see how I stuff, needle felt and finally cover it with fabric.

Painting realistic eyes

  Here I can show you how to make the doll looking alive  by painting the eyes my way!